Lines of Code

Written so far across the various frontend mockups and the integrated backend for the SAFE Apps Store project. However, this is only the beginning.


SAFE App Store Coins

Number of "SASC" to be distributed following the crowdsale, which enters its buyers into the ASDGC and the Safecoin Profit Delivery Program.

Mar. '16

Network Launch

General estimate on the launch of the SAFE Network MVP, which will allow the SAFE App Store to run in a live testing environment.

View Template #1

The template from SAFE Potential Apps V2, this features full backend integration, and full Login, Register, Uploading of Apps, etc functionality.

View Template #2

Another exciting template, this is another potential look for the SAFE Apps Store, which is in the "static demo" stage currently, meant solely for display.

View Template #3

The simplest template of the three, this demo is a RWD template for the Apps Store which is meant for demonstration only.


SAFE Store Team Members

Meet the team members who are working to give the SAFE Network its own distributed App Store Platform.

William Gallo

Founder & Lead Dev

Will Gallo III (aka WhiteOutMashups) is known for startups including PoetExchange, WhittierConfessions, and has assisted MaidSafe for years through the SF SAFE Pod and Potential Apps website series.

Daniel Dabek

SAFEx Integration Advisor

SAFEx founder
SF SAFE Pod Organizer

Zaw Myo Htet

Assistant Developer

A fellow CS Major with Will Gallo at College, Zaw is now a Commercial Developer at a Loan Agency in LA, but is in a regular coding group with Will where they cooperate on various programming projects.



Mockups will be finalized and--if needed--all 3 will have integration with the backend.


Choose Design

Community assistance needed! Final decision will be influenced largely by community vote.


Rewrite in new Langs

Final designs will be rewritten in Javascript / Rust to fit the SAFE Network's specific structure.


Testing & Launch

Once the final design is rewritten to fit SAFE, rigorous testing will precede Store launch.

Team Project History

Will Gallo III, SafeStore.io

Will has been running businesses since his middle-school in Africa, starting with PowerTrainers LLC. In University, he co-founded PoetExchange, a local listings site for used textbooks, and is now following trends of decentralization with the SAFE Network.

Daniel Dabek, SAFEx.io

Daniel has also possessed the entrepreneurial spirit since a very young age, with ventures ranging from importing offshore shipping containers of coffee in bulk to domestic transport in the northeast. He now focuses on development and integration of SAFEx.

Zaw Myo Htet, Anchor Loans, L.P.

A fellow CS Major with Will in University, Zaw has worked on several businesses as well as countless independent programming projects with Will. Now at Anchor Loans, he creates web environments for managing client's finances and assessing risk.

A.S.D.G.C., SafeStore.io

The App Store Decentralized Governance Committee is the board of investors who are taking part in the sale. They will have full voting power on many issues that come up, and can call for votes on many desired topics. Become a part of the committee today!

Our Featured Apps

Applications featured by the SAFE Store

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SAFE Exchange

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MaidSafe's Browser Extension

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MaidSafe's Applications

  • Current codebases available at Github